February 22, 2024

In Brief

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

In a Brief

With the aim of expanding quality education in computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and exposing the students to the latest development in the rapidly changing arena, BGC Trust University Bangladesh took the initiative to establish the faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.

The Curricula of the whole program have been designed keeping in mind the objectives of the courses and after thorough revision of the undergraduate curriculum of the leading national and international pioneering universities and vetted by international experts. They are based on the latest syllabus which are geared towards producing computer professionals, with the ability to adapt to the rapid changes of development and integrate easily into the job market.

Dept. of CSE offers:

Bachelor of computer Science and Engineering B.Sc (Hon’s) in CSE
Department of English
In a Brief
English program aims to help students to become more observant, analytic and perspicacious readers and critic. The degree provides grounding in English literature from The Middle Age to present day which gives opportunity to study key aspects of literature and cultural history of England, America, India and other historic nations. Students are encouraged to think creatively about the relation between literature and others forms of representation. Students have to spend a period of four years to complete the program.
The faculty of English Offers:
Bachelor of English
 BA Hons. in English
Master of English
 MA in English

Department of Journalism and Media Studies

In a Brief


The Department of Journalism and Media Studies prepares students for the media world of today and the future through core and cluster courses.

The Department draws from the fields of digital audio/radio, digital video/television, and film production, scriptwriting and reporting, and broadcast (i.e. radio and television), print, mobile and online news. It addresses current industry standards, technological trends of convergence and community needs while meeting the university’s historical mission. The Department unifies several intellectual and creative strands within the School that share the common concerns of communicating in effective ways at the local, regional, national and global levels.

1.1 Degree Requirements

To earn a B. S. S. in Journalism and Media Studies degree, a student must complete at least 126.0 credit hours. The following is a description of how these credit hours are distributed among the courses.

         Compulsory courses                        120.0 Credit Hours

          Internship &Viva                                  6.0 Credit Hours


         Total                                                   126.0 Credit Hours

1.2 Program Details

Duration                                          : 08 Semesters (48 months)
Total No. of Courses                       : 40 Courses
Normal Course load per semester: 5 Courses (15 credits)
Duration of each semester : 6 Months
Research/Internship & Viva: 6 Credits (4+2) (minimum 3 months)
Total Credit Hours (Courses, Viva  & Research/Internship): 126 (120+6) Credits

1.3 Class Attendance Policy

The university expects all students to attend classes regularly. Students may not be allowed to sit for the examination if his/her percentage of class attendance falls below 70 percent. However, individual faculty members may define attendance standards appropriate to each course and the consequences of not meeting those standards.

1.4 Calculation of GPA

Grade Point Average (GPA) or Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is the average of the grade points obtained in all the courses passed/completed by a student. For example, if a student passes/completes four courses in a Semester having credit hours of C1, C2, C3, & C4 and his/her grade points in these courses are G1, G2, G3, & G4 respectively then


Suppose a student got grade point “4.0” in a 3 credit hours course and 3.0 in 1.5 credit hours course then his/her GPA/CGPA will be as follows:

1.5 Marks Distribution

Particulars% of Marks
Class Attendance05
Assignment/Project/Class Participation10
Class Tests/Quizzes10
Mid Term Exam30
Final Exam40

1.6 Grading System (UGC approved)

Department of Journalism and Media Studies follows the University Grants Commission (UGC) approved grading system. This grading system is also used by the other departments of the University. The performance of the students in the course work is evaluated by letter grading systems as described below:

Marks RangeGradeGrade pointInterpretation
80% and aboveA+4.00Outstanding
75% to below 80%A3.75Excellent
70%to below 75 %A-3.50Very Good
65% to below 70%B+3.25Good
60% to below 65%B3.00Satisfactory
55% to below 60%B-2.75Above Average
50% to below 55%C+2.50Average
45% to below 50%C2.25Below Average
40% to below 45%D2.00Pass
Less than 40%F0.00Fail

1.7 Applicant’s Eligibility & Selection Procedures

All applicants must meet one of the following requirements to apply for admission in B. S. S. in Journalism and Media Studies program:

  • Minimum GPA 2.5 both in S.S.C./equivalent and H.S.C./equivalent or GPA 6.00 (combined) but score not less than GPA 2.00 in any individual examination.
  • Minimum 5 subjects in O-Level and 2 subjects in A-Level with GPA of 4.00 in 4 subjects and GPA 3.50 in 3 subjects.

Applicants will be selected for admission through the admission test which includes written exam as well as viva voce. Applicants who will score satisfactory marks in written test will be qualified for viva voce.

Department of Law

In a Brief

School of Law offers unique opportunity to study legal system of national as well as international arena. The degree seeks to provide a sound knowledge and vocational orientations of the legal world to those who want to build a career as professional.

The faculty of Law offers:

Bachelor of LawLL B4 yrs.

Mission of Department of Law
The overall missions of Department of law, BGC Trust University Bangladesh are to prepare students for careers in the diverse legal profession including government, education, banking, foreign service, law reform & legal research, mediation, social activism, labor relations, politics, business, etc through teaching, training, and guidance as well as creating knowledge as to legal matters which help them to meet social, cultural and aesthetic needs of the people as well as to face the challenges of the new millennium and the realities of globalization with the dedicated mind of faculty members having social involvement with the professionalism. Our more oriented legal teaching method helps the students to analyze any legal issue and makes them aware about human rights which expedite the ultimate speed of implementing administration of justice.

Law Department’s curriculum reflects the changing requirements of the legal profession which build the professional ethics in the mind of law students. The Department of Law also preserves an environment in which faculty members discuss ideas about law from where a student will gain a deeper understanding of the relationship between law and society. It is a place where students share ideas and challenge opinions. It also arranges different seminar on burning issues regarding law.

The Department of Law offers 4-Year Bachelor of Laws (Hons.) degree. The objectives of the Bachelor of Laws with Honors (LL.B.) program is to provide a good, general and critical legal education; to meet the requirements of Bangladesh Bar Council as well as judicial service commission exam to become the judicial officers. So that holders of the degree are eligible for entry to legal profession in Bangladesh; to provide students with skills in legal research, including use of electronic databases and search tools, writing, and advocacy.

Department of Pharmacy

In a Brief

Department of Pharmacy is also committed to teaching health science or allied subjects to meet the growing needs of the society. The program intends to generate proficient pharmaceutical professional with adequate knowledge, analytical power and critical thinking. At BGC Trust University, we focus on an education that prepares students to face the challenge of the globalization. Our mission is to create Pharmaceutical professionals whose passion for safe health and compassion for humanity would be role models to be followed by others

Bechelor of Pharmacy(B Pharma) a 4 year program, has been moulded to provide in-depth knowledge in pharmacy and related fields and syllabus has been designed in accordance with the first ranking globally reputed universities to cater to the needs of the present day health allied institution and organizations with a view to promoting health phenomenon and right of access to health for all.

The objectives of the Bachelor of Pharmacy are to cater to the growing needs of pharmacists throughout home and abroad, to prepare and train students for the wide range of rapidly changing and highly demanding job market.

The Department of Pharmacy Offers:

Bachelor of Pharmacy B Pharm Hons.
Faculty of Business Administration
In a Brief
Business School offers programs of high quality for students seeking employment in a range of business sector. The qualifications to be gained are appropriate for a wide range of business and public service careers.
BBA & MBA programs have been developed and designed to provide an extensive and tested grounding in business. This program aims to develop a broad mix of skills through practical experience and project work to provide a competitive edge in the market place. All courses in business are designed to develop an in-depth understanding of core disciplines of business.
The faculty of Business Administration Offers:
Bachelor of Business Administration
Master of Business Administration
BBA Program at a Glance
Nature of the courses and distribution of credits.
The BBA degree programme shall be an integrated one consisting of major, minor core and non-business core courses and two non-credit courses. A chart of course structure is given below.
Nature of courses and assignment of credits
Types of courses  
Number of courses 
Non-business core 

2 (To be taken in the 7th Semester)
1 Course equivalent  
1 Course equivalent  
Non credit courses