June 13, 2024
Ensuring education and health care facilities  every individual are two of the major objectives to achieve by an ideal welfare state, obviously because every individual can expect to enjoy these two facilities as his or her basic right. Being imbued with the noble spirit of patriotism and the liberation war, I, along with my wife Hasna Ahmad, establishd “Begum Gul Chemonara Trust”- a philanthropic venture in 1982, in a place covering one hundred areas of land beside Chittagong-Cox’s bazar Highway, which is only 34 km away from Chittagong city and named it after my late and benevolent mother with the only objectives of extending education and health care service to the doorsteps of poor people of the village-my own place of birth. And as a reward of my sincerest venture these premise of the seat of education have already gained its endearing name as “BGC Biddyanagar” i.e. the BGC Education City.
To spread education and its improve health care service BGC Trust runs the following service oriented institutions here. They are (1) Maulana Mohammad Ishaq Shishu Niketon (a primary school) (2) Begum Gul Chemonara Academy (School and College) (3) BGC Trust Medical College (4) BGC Trust University Bangladesh ( a fully-fledge private University) (5) Ibrahim Iqbal Memorial Hospital (500 bed Modern complete hospital) and (6) Begum Osman Ara Nursing Institute (to be started soon). At present about five thousand students are studying in these institutes. Here a students starting primary education can even obtain the highest university degree utilizing the benefits & facilities of the single campus.
By using modern technology highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teacher are working here to ensure modern education. It may be mentioned here that BGC Academy was able to make itself as one of the best educational institutions in chittagong for brilliant success in Primary and Junior scholarship, SSC and HSC Examinations. There are also various provisions in all the institutions here for waivers in the form of stipend and grants for deserving poor but meritorious students and especially for the word of the Freedom Fighters. Food, accommodation and treatment are offered gratis in the special block of hospital meant for poor patients and even in certain cases the fees are very nominal.
I firmly believe that in the whole of our country the institutions of BGC Trust will soon be an enviable example for the promotion of education and health –care service to the poor mass in rural area. I also hope that with their honesty and merit the students of the institutions will be able to pay a genuinely commendable role in transmuting our people into a happy, healthy and prosperous nation.
With best wishes and thanks from-

Engr. Afsar Uddin Ahmad
Chairman, BGC Trust
Welcome to BGC Trust University Bangladesh, a dynamic place for higher education. The university is the only rural based private university in the country situated at its own campus at the outskirts of Chittagong port city popularly known as BGC Biddyanagar, Chandanaish, Chittagong with all modern campus facilities.
The university is committed to achieving academic excellence in research and academic scholastic.
The university was founded by a philanthropist Engr. Afsar Uddin Ahmad who has a commitment to the soil as a front line freedom fighter to provide education and to develop individuals, entrepreneurs to face the challenge of globalization.
BGC Trust University is approved by the Govt. of the Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh, Ministry of Education and University Grants Commission of Bangladesh (UGC).
I am confident that the university will be a center of excellence very soon.
I hope that every student of the university must equip himself or herself with advanced learning facilities so that they can face the challenge of globalization.
Professor Dr. A.F.M Aowrangazab
Vice chancellor, BGC Trust University Bangladesh
The establishment of BGC Trust University Bangladesh is a decisive step towards transformation of mere human population into human resources in terms of knowledge, skill and diversification. BGC Trust University is committed to achieve excellence in research and academic scholastic. In order to maximize the resources available for learning, teaching and research, the University has developed a collaborative links with other educational institutions with global reputation.
BGC Trust University is attested with the highest level of accreditation. It is approved by the Government, Ministry of Education and University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh.

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