April 13, 2024

Faculty Members

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Teachers Profile

Associate Professor
Nurul Absar
M.Phil (CU), M.S in CSIT (SU)
Date of Joining: 1st January 2006
Research Interest:Experimental Nuclear Physics, Material Science and Nano Science, Computer Network
Email:nabsar@bgctub.ac.bd ,nabsar05@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor & Chairman In-charge
Mohammad Salah Uddin Chowdury
M.Sc (Engg.) in CSE – CU. 
Date of Joining: 18th October 2008
Research Interest: Decision Support System, Telecommunication & Networking
Email: salahuddin@bgctub.ac.bd , schowdhury_cse@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor
Mohd. Manjur Alam
M.Sc. (Engg.) in CSE, B.Sc (Engg.) in CSE (SUST)
Date of Joining: 1st August 2013
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Speech processing, Natural language processing.
Email: manjur@bgctub.ac.bd ,manjur66@gmail.com
Assistant Professor
Shamsun Nahar Shoma
M.Phil (CU),M.S in Mathematics – CU
Date of Joining: 26th January 2010
Research Interest: Cosmology, Relativity
Email:shoma@bgctub.ac.bd ,shomathetics@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor
Ferdous Ara
B.Sc (Hon’s),M.Sc. in CSE 
Date of Joining: 1st January 2012
Research Interest: Expert System.
Email: ferdousara@bgctub.ac.bd, ferdous_cse@yahoo.com
Abhijit Pathak
M.Sc. (Engg.) in CSE, B.Sc (Engg.) in CSE, MBA (Finance)
Date of Joining: 2nd February 2010
Research Interest: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Expert System, Computer Vision
Email: abhijitpathak@bgctub.ac.bd , abhijitpathak3@gmail.com
Md. Abdul Wahab
B.Sc. (Eng.) in CSTE,
Date of Joining:22nd January 2014
Research Interest:Digital Image Processing, Data mining, Artificial Intelligence, Network security and Routing protocol.
Email: wahab@bgctub.ac.bd , wahab_nstu@yahoo.com
Bristy Roy Chowdhury
B.Sc. (Eng.) in CSE – CUET
Date of Joining: 12th July 2014
Research Interest: Advanced database, Datamining. 
Email:bristy@bgctub.ac.bd , bristy08_cse@yahoo.com
Munmun Biswas
M.Sc(Engg.), B.Sc.(Engg.) in CSE-CU
Date of Joining:12th July 2014
Research Interest: Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining.
Email:munmun@bgctub.ac.bd munmunbiswas29@yahoo.com
Subhasish Ghosh
M.Sc. in Advanced Computing with Software Engineering Specialization (UTS,Australia),
B.Sc. in Computer & Communication Engineering (IIUC).
Date of Joining:18th January 2016
Research Interest: Cloud Computing,Big Data,Cyber Security,Telecommunication Software Process Improvement.
Email:subhasish@bgctub.ac.bd, subhasis_ghos@hotmail.com
Nazmun Nahar
M.Sc(Engg.), B.Sc.(Engg.) in CSE-CU
Date of Joining:11th February 2019
Research Interest:Machine Learning,Belief-Rule Based,Big-Data
Email:nazmun@bgctub.ac.bd nazmun4@gmail.com
Mohammad Abir Mahmud
B.Sc.(Engg.) in CSE
Date of Joining:15th April 2019
Research Interest:Cyber Security and Programming.
Email:abir@bgctub.ac.bd ,abir1321025@gmail.com
Sabrina Jahan Maisha
B.Sc.(Engg.) in CSE
Date of Joining:6th February 2020
Research Interest:Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence,Data Mining
Email: sabrina@bgctub.ac.bd
Fariha Iffath
B.Sc.(Engg.) in CSE
Date of Joining:6th February 2020
Research Interest:Machine Learning,Artificial Intelligence,Data Mining
Md. Asaduzzaman
B.Sc.(Engineering) in Information and Communication Technology (ICT)- MBSTU
Date of Joining:17th January,2021
Research Interest: Deep Learning,Internet of Things,Genomic Data Science,Thin Film Solar Cell
Department of English
Teachers Profile

Professor Shaswati Das
M.A in English
Date of Joining: February 16,2017
Email: shaswatidas@bgctub.ac.bd ; shaswatishipra56@gmail.com

Md. Khaled Bin Chowdhury
Associate Professor & Chairman
B.A (Hons.), M.A in English (CU), MA in Practice of English Language Teaching. ( University of Hertfordshire, UK ), Certificate in English Teaching to Adults, University of Cambridge.
Date of Joining: January 23, 2006
Research Interest: Classroom interaction,  Leaning theories.
Email: khaled@bgctub.ac.bd ; mdkhaledchowdhury@ymail.com

Mahamuda Akter
Assistant Professor
M.A in English.
Date of Joining: February 16,2009
Research Interest: Post colonial Literature and Psycholinguistics.
Email: mahamuda@bgctub.ac.bd ; mou.adib11@gmail.com

Md. Abdur Rashid
Assistant Professor
BA (Hons), MA in English,CU ; MA in ELT, IML,CU ;PhD fellow,JU.
Date of Joining: April 25,2021
Research Interest: ELT,  Tennyson, and Education Research.
Email: ar.rashid@bgctub.ac.bd ;  ar.rashid20@gmail.com

Jabun Nahar
B.A(Hons.), M.A in English .
Date of Joining: July 13,2011
Research Interest: Post modern Literature.
Email: jabunnahar@bgctub.ac.bd ; jabunnahar12@gmail.com

Rini Dutta
B.A (Hons.), M.A in English.
Date of Joining: October 10,2017
Research Interest: English Language Teaching.
Email: rinidutta@bgctub.ac.bd ; rinidutta190@gmail.com

Zinufer Yeasmin
B.A (Hons.), M.A in English.
Date of Joining: January 25,2018
Research Interest: English Language Teaching.
Email: zinufer@bgctub.ac.bd ; zinuferctg@yahoo.com
Tanzin Sultana
B.A (Hons.), M.A in English.
Date of Joining: March 01,2018
Research Interest: Modern English Literature.
Email: tanzinsultana@bgctub.ac.bd ; tanzin123sultana@yahoo.com
Mahmudul Hassan
B.A (Hons.), M.A in English.
Date of Joining: January 21,2020
Research Interest: English Language Teaching.
Email: mahmudul@bgctub.ac.bd ; akib.cu@gmail.com

Department of Law

Teachers Profile

http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgNazneen Akter
Assistant Professor & Chairman
LL.B (Hon’s),LL.M, M.Phil(CU),Ph.D Research fellow (Binary University, Malaysia)
Date of Joining: January 3, 2011
Research Interest: Labour & Industrial Law, Intellectual property law.
Email: nazneen@bgctub.ac.bd, nazneen_nazib@yahoo.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgUmme Taufika
Assistant Professor (On Study leave)
LL.B (Hons), LL.M, Advanced Masters of Laws in International Human Rights(Lund University,Sweden), Ph.D Research fellow (University of Hong Kong).
Date of Joining: October 17, 2009
Research Interest: Human Rights, Corporate Law.
Email: ummetaufika@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgSyeda Rumman
Assistant Professor
LL.B (Hon’s), LL.M (CU)
Date of Joining: 20-07-2013
Research Interest: Law of Human rights & international law.
Email: syeda_rumman@bgctub.ac.bd ;syeda_rumman@yahoo.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgMohammad Abdul Hannan
Assistant Professor
LL.B (Hons.), LL.M (CU)
Date of Joining: 15-01-2012
Research Interest: Human rights and Environmental law.
Email: hannan@bgctub.ac.bd ; hannanlawcu14@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAsma Al Amin
Assistant Professor
LL.B (Hon’s), LL.M. M.A. in Human Rights and Democratisation (Mahidol University,Thailand).
Date of Joining: 09-01-2013
Research Interest: Environment and Human Rights,Child Rights.
Email: alaminasma@bgctub.ac.bd; alaminasma@yahoo.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgMd. Touhidul Islam 
LL.B (Hons.), LL.M (CU).
Date of Joining: 15-01-2012
Research Interest: Women’s position in Islam and Reality.
Email: mdtouhidulislam@bgctub.ac.bd; mdtouhidulislam.cu@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAminul Haque Siddiqe
LL.B (Hon’s), LL.M (CU)
Date of Joining: 18-02-2013
Research Interest: International criminal law, Comparative family laws and Human rights.
Email: ahssohel87@bgctub.ac.bd; ahssohel87@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgSyeda Khadijatul Kobra
LL.B (Hons.), LL.M (CU).
Date of Joining: 22-10-2013
Research Interest: Environmental pollution and Bio-Diversity conservation.
Email:skkobra@bgctub.ac.bd ; skkobra806@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgMd.Reduanul Haque
LL.B (Hon’s), LL.M
Date of Joining: Oct 11,2017
Research Interest: Humanitarian,Refugee & Human Rights Law,International Trade law.
Email: mdreduan@bgctub.ac.bd ; mdreduan5271@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgSidratul Muntaha Trina
LL.B (Hon’s), LL.M (CU)
Date of Joining: 16-06-2019
Research Interest: Child Rights, Administrative Law, Human Rights.
Email:sidratulmuntaha@bgctub.ac.bd; trinasid25@gmail.com
Department of Pharmacy
Teachers Profile
Prof.Dr.Md.Hazrat Ali Miah
B.Sc (Hon’s) M.Sc Thesis (Chemistry),Ph.D(Chemistry).
Date of Joining: 8th February 2017
Research Interest:Organometallic Compounds,Macrocyclic Compounds,Microbal Study,Environmental Chemistry,Nuclear Chemistry,Environvironmental Radioactivity etc.
Email: hazrat.ali667@bgctub.ac.bd ; hazrat.ali667@yahoo.com
Aninda Kumar Nath
Assistant Professor & Chairman
M. Pharm, Ph.D (On Course)
Date of Joining: 09-12-2007
Research Interest: Natural product chemistry of biopharmaceutics.
Email: anindapharm248@yahoo.com ; aninda@bgctub.ac.bd
Zahed Bin Rahim
Assistant Professor
B. Phrm (Hon’s), M. Pharm
Date of Joining: 23-06-2008
Research Interest: Drug interaction, Formulation technology, Regulatory affairs, Pharmaceutical marketing & management.
Email: zahedbgc@gmail.com; zahed@bgctub.ac.bd
Md. Zia Uddin
Assistant Professor
B. Phrm (Hon’s), M. Pharm,Ph.D Fellow
Date of Joining: 24-01-2009
Research Interest: Natural product chemistry, Pharmacology.
Email: zia_ctg@live.com ; zia@bgctub.ac.bd
Joysree Das
Assistant Professor
B.Pharm, M.Pharm, PhD (On course)
Date of Joining: 24-01-2009
Research Interest: Phytchemistry, Biopharmacutics, Herbal medicine.
Email: joysreepharma@gmail.com; joysree@bgctub.ac.bd
Anowara Jenny
Assistant Professor
M.Phil (ongoing), M.Pharm, B.Pharm
Date of Joining: 01-04-2009
Research Interest: Phytochemical, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Cosmetology.
Email: anowaracrb@yahoo.com; anowara@bgctub.ac.bd
Mycal Dutta
Assistant Professor
B. Phrm (Hon’s), M. Pharm,Ph.D (Pursuing)
Date of Joining: 22-01-2011
Research Interest: Pharmacutical technology, Phytochemistry, Pharmacology.
Email: maxdutta@yahoo.com ; mycal@bgctub.ac.bd
Jewel Mallick
Assistant Professor
B.Pharm, M.Pharm (Thesis),M.Phil (Fellow)
Date of Joining: 22-01-2014
Research Interest: Drug dosage design & evaluation, Formulation technology, Drug interaction, Phytochemistry
Email: jewelmallick005@gmail.com ; jewel@bgctub.ac.bd
Dr.Talha Bin Emran
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (Japan), M.S.(Thesis), B.Sc.(Hon’s), Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (CU).  
Date of Joining: 10-01-2012
Research Interest: Vaccinology,Applied Immunology,Natural Product Chemistry.
Email: talhabmb@gmail.com ; talhabmb@bgctub.ac.bd
Research Link : ResearchGate, Google Scholar, Scopus, Publons
Sharmin Akhter
B.Pharm (Hon’s), M.Pharm.(Thesis),M.Phil (ongoing) 
Date of Joining: 02-04-2014
Research Interest: Phamaceutical technology, Formulation development, Pharmacology,Toxicology.
Email: lira_rainbow@yahoo.com ; sharmin@bgctub.ac.bd

Faculty of Business Administration

Teachers Profile

http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAssociate Professor 
Rana Karan
Date of Joining:August 17,2005
Research Interest:Organizational Behavior & Management
Email: ranakaran@bgctub.ac.bd
Associate Professor & Chairman, Dept. of Business Administration
Dr. Md. Sarwar Uddin
Ph.D (CU), M. Phil (CU), M.Com,B.Com (Hons), 
Date of Joining: 1st July 2008
Research Interest: Service Marketing, Ethical Issues in Business and Green Marketing
Email:sarwar@bgctub.ac.bd ; sarwaredu@gmail.com
Associate Professor & Co-ordinator(MBA)
Mohd. Kamal Uddin
Date of Joining:23-01-2006
Research Interest: HRM and International Business
Email: kamal@bgctub.ac.bd ; mkubgc@gmail.com
Associate Professor
Soman Chakraborty
Date of Joining: 07-02-2007
Research Interest:Entrepreneurship Development, HRM & Women Emancipation, strategic Management.
Email:soman@bgctub.ac.bd ; scbgctub@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAssistant Professor
Mita Mazumder 
Date of Joining:April 16,2006
Research Interest:Renewable energy & Environmental Economics.
Email: mita@bgctub.ac.bd
Assistant Professor
Md.Siraz Meah
BBA (Finance), MBA (Finance) CU,
Date of Joining:9th April 2009
Research Interest: Corporate Governance, Banking, Finance.
Email:siraz@bgctub.ac.bd ; sirazibgc@hotmail.com
Assistant Professor
Syeda Sunjeeda Showkat
Date of Joining:16-04-2011
Research Interest: HRM (Human Resource Management)
Email: sunjeeda@bgctub.ac.bd ; sunje_myt@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor
Soma Dey 
BBA, MBA (Accounting).
Date of Joining:20-07-2008
Research Interest:Corporate Governance
Email:somadey@bgctub.ac.bd ; somaais99@gmail.com
Assistant Professor
Rownuk Jahan 
Date of Joining: 06-01-2007
Research Interest:Rabbit farming, Tourism
Email:rownuk@bgctub.ac.bd ;omarfarook@yahoo.com
Assistant Professor
Fahmida Zaman
Date of Joining:01-03-2008
Research Interest: Tourism industry in Bangladesh, Rabbit farming.
Email: fahmida@bgctub.ac.bd ;rafiquek54@yahoo.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAssistant Professor
Dhiman Barua
BBA, MBA (Finance)
Date of Joining:05-07-2011
Research Interest:Quality assurance in Higher Education
Email: dhiman@bgctub.ac.bd ; dhimanbarua@ymail.com 
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgAssistant Professor
Amanul Hoque
B.Sc (Hons),M.S in Mathematics
Date of Joining:05-07-2011
Research Interest:Operation Research & Quantum Mechanics.
Email: amanul@bgctub.ac.bd ; amanul07maths@gmail.com
Assistant Professor
M.Phil.(JNIRCMPS,CU),M.S.(Thesis),B.Sc (Hons).Mathematics.
Date of Joining:10-01-2012
Research Interest:Numerical Analysis,Optimization of Non Linear Programming Problem,Multi Objective programming,Optimal Control problem.
Email: mamun-bgctub@bgctrustbd.org ;mamun@bgctub.ac.bd
Nusrat Jamila
Date of Joining:July 01,2010
Research Interest:Human Resource Management
Email:nusratjamila@bgctub.ac.bd ; nusratjamila83@gmail.com
Mir Misnad Sultana 
BBA , MBA in Marketing  
Date of Joining:03/01/2011
Research Interest:Gender discrimination, Garments Industry.
Email: misnad@bgctub.ac.bd ; misnads@yahoo.com
Mohammed Abul Earshad Khan
BBA, MBA (CU), CMA (Inter)
Date of Joining: 19-07-2011
Research Interest: Taxation, AIS
Email: earshad@bgctub.ac.bd ; earshad_ais@yahoo.com
Sultana Akter
BBA  in Finance, MBA
Date of Joining: 10-09-2011
Research Interest: SME
Email: sultana@bgctub.ac.bd ; sultana.bgc@gmail.com
Sanjida Nusrat Lovely
Date of Joining:10.01.2012
Research Interest:Practices of HRM
Email: sanjidanusrat@bgctub.ac.bd ; sanjidanusrat@gmail.com
Rozina Akter
Date of Joining: 21-01-2012
Research Interest: Employee welfare benefit, Job satisfaction, HRM practice.
Email: rozina@bgctub.ac.bd ; rozinacu@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgLecturer (Study leave)
Niaz Uddin Mahmud
B.Sc (Hons), M.S (Thesis) in Statistics
Date of Joining: February 2012
Research Interest: Demography, Bio-Statistics, Bio-informatics
Email: niazumahmud@gmail.com
Umma Salma Hoque
BBA, MBA (Marketing)
Date of Joining: 01-02-2012
Research Interest: Marketing Audit
Email: salma@bgctub.ac.bd ; salma.tani1112@gmail.com
Sakhi Rani Dhar 
BBA, MBA (Marketing)
Date of Joining: 16-07-2012
Research Interest: Consumer behavior & service marketing.
Email: sakhidhar@bgctub.ac.bd ; sakhidhar@yahoo.com
LecturerGolam Shahria 
Date of Joining: 08-01-2013
Research Interest: Problems of Financial Statements Adoption & Implementation of BAS,BFRS,IAS,IFRS,HRA;Contemporary Issues in Accounting,Global Accounting Practice etc.
Email: shahria@bgctub.ac.bd
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgLecturerFarhana Nasrin 
BBA (Finance & Banking), MBA (Finance), M. Phil (Fellow)
Date of Joining: 08-01-2013
Research Interest: Working capital mgt, Deposit mgt, Liquidity mgt, Liability mgt.
Email: farhana@bgctub.ac.bd ; farhananasrn69@yahoo.com
Rehana Akther
BBA (Management), MBA (HRM) CU
Date of Joining: 08-01-2013
Research Interest: Entrepreneurship development, Women empowerment.
Email: rehana@bgctub.ac.bd ; nipu.cu@gmail.com
Fahmida Yeasmin
BBA (Management studies), MBA (IM)
Date of Joining: 08-01-2013
Research Interest: Women empowerment, Organizational psychology
Email: fyeasmin@bgctub.ac.bd ; fahmidayeasmin65@yahoo.com
Md. Imran Chowdhury
B.S.S (Hons), M.S.S in Sociology, CU   
Date of Joining: 08-01-2013
Research Interest: Peace Education, Peacebuilding, Peace-networking,Genocide-tracking..
Email: imran@bgctub.ac.bd ; Imranchowdhury2012@yahoo.com
Nahid Joveda 
BBA ,MBA (Finance)
Date of Joining: 02-03-2013
Research Interest:
Email: nahidjoveda@bgctub.ac.bd ; nilanjona1987@gmail.com
Rashed Mahmud Shakil  

Date of Joining: 09-07-2013
Research Interest: Human Resource Management.
Email: rashedshakil@bgctub.ac.bd ;  rs.shakil13@gmail.com
Md.Jahedul Hasan 
BBA , MBA (Accounting)
Date of Joining: 22-01-2014
Research Interest: Application of accountancy in Bangladesh.
Email: jahed@bgctub.ac.bd ; mdjahedulhasan@gmail.com
Nazmoon Akhter
Date of Joining:22nd January 2014
Research Interest:Capital Structure of the company,Green Business,Economic growth of the country.
Email:nazmoon@bgctub.ac.bd ; akhternazmoon@gmail.com
Nawrin Afrin 
Date of Joining: 22nd January,2014
Research Interest: Nation Branding,Tourism,Consumer behavior,Social media Marketing.
Email:nawrin@bgctub.ac.bd ; nawrin_afrin029@yahoo.com
Naim Uddin 
Date of Joining: 30th January,2014
Research Interest: Invironment Economics,Capital Structure.
Email: naim@bgctub.ac.bd ; naim15001@yahoo.com
Mahmudul Islam 
B.S.S (Hon’s) , M.S.S (Economics),CU
Date of Joining: 11-03-2014
Research Interest: International Trade
Email: mahmud@bgctub.ac.bd ; mahmudbdeco@gmail.com
http://bgctub-edu.net/userfiles/image/nopic.jpgLecturer (Study Leave) 
Srabani Dey 
B.Sc (Hon’s), M.S in Statistics
Date of Joining:2nd August,2014
Research Interest:Income Generation,Economic Role & Unemployment Reduction in Bangladesh.
Md.Saiful Islam
B.B.S (Hon’s), MBS (ACC), MBA (IIUC)
Date of Joining: 01-09-2014
Research Interest: Earnint Management
Email: saifulfba@bgctub.ac.bd ; isaiful746@gmail.com
Amrita Nandi 
BBA (Finance & HRM) , MBA(Supply chain management)
Date of Joining: 07-09-2014
Research Interest: Human resource management, Employee motivation, Training & development, Organizational behavior, Career, Supply chain networking.
Email: amrita@bgctub.ac.bd ; amrita_ar02@yahoo.com